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"Lament for Lorca" filmed by First Take Media Ltd

Duende Flamence has a long and proud history of presenting Flamenco with its associated dance company, Cancion Gitana, in venues of all types and sizes and for all types of events.


Duende Flamence can provide performances for all sizes and types of venue and all kinds of events. Performances can be as small and intimate as dancer and guitarist for a wedding party, corporate events, product launches to full scale theatre shows and outdoor festivals in front of thousands.

Duende Flamence’s client portfolio includes BBC 1, ITV 1, Channel 4, BBC Radio, Sadlers Wells, Glyndebourne Opera House, Sussex University, Buckingham University, Portsmouth College, University College London, West Dean College, Goodwood House, Bedales School, Schools – many - Secondary and Primary, The Womens Institute, Age Concern, WRVS, Strikealight Arts, Roots Around The World and many more.

Duende Flamence can provide the complete event package, everything needed for a Flamenco performance of any size. We have sectional stages in various sizes, p.a. systems from 20 watts to 1,000 watts with all ancillaries, three mobile theatre lighting rigs with all controls, a dual projection system, and either artist painted or theatre black backdrops.


Duende Flamence presents Flamenco with its associated dance company Cancion Gitana and its principal dancer Helena "La Leyenda". This International company has toured the UK and Europe specialising in Flamenco dance theatre, presenting such well reviewed shows such as Goya, Cafe de Chinitas, Casa de Bernarda Alba, Spanish Sketches, The Fire Shoes (a children’s show) and, currently, Lament for Lorca, a biography of the tragic life of the Spanish poet.


Solo and small ensemble

Helena "La Leyenda" frequently performs at private parties, corporate events, in clubs and restaurants and for weddings. She can create a performance to fit your requirements and budget either as a solo performer or with one or more guitarists and dancers. These can be straightforward performances or involve your guests in a beginner’s class and a competition; this is very popular at weddings.


Theatre shows

Cancion Gitana presents Café de Chinitas

Café de Chinitas is an authentic re-creation of a Flamenco performance from the legendary golden age of Flamenco in the early 20th century, an 80 minute spectacular by a small cast of internationally acclaimed Flamencos with many scene and costume changes, subtle lighting, numerous projections and an artist painted backdrop, a realistic evocation of the Café Cantante Flamenco music halls that sprang up across southern Spain in the early 1900s.

Created and choreographed by Flamenco dancer Helena "La Leyenda" (Sadlers Wells, BBC TV, Channel 4), the show features Helena "La Leyenda" and a guitarist and poetry recitor.

Café de Chinitas presents the richest Flamenco, with fabulous staging, vintage costumes, dazzling dancers and fiery guitar.



Cancion Gitana presents Lament for Lorca

In the opening days of the Civil War in 1936, Spain’s greatest poet and playwright was brutally assassinated by a fascist gang, one of the earliest acts of brutality in a vicious war that was to tear Spain asunder for 3 years and become a rehearsal for World War Two.

Acclaimed as one of the greatest poets of the 20th century Federico Garcia Lorca distilled into his works the very essence of Spain and his native Andalucia, the searing heat and riotous colours, the joys and passions, the comedies and tragedies.

Leading Flamenco Dance company Cancion Gitana have created a unique biography of the brief, extraordinary life of this remarkable poet, his friendships with artists such Bunuel and Dali, his fascination with Gypsy culture and his passionate interest in fiery Flamenco dance and song.

Created and choreographed by Flamenco dancer Helena "La Leyenda" (Sadlers Wells, BBC TV, Channel 4) the 120 minute spectacular features an international company of dancers, guitarists, singers and narrator, dancers Helena "La Leyenda" and Maria Chica, the poetic and narration skills of Rosario Serrano (Ballet Rambert, Duende Flamenco Company), the rich cante jondo voice of Fernando Reyes and the passionate Flamenco guitar of Tomas de Cordoba and Marco.

In a spectacular of 25 scenes with many costume changes, narration and dramatic poetry in both Spanish and English, projections and striking lighting, Cancion Gitana create a Flamenco dance theatre performance of a kind very rarely seen on UK stages, a passionate and dramatic re-telling of the life and death of an artist, a man destroyed by savage forces as the country he loved was torn apart.

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The Soul of Spain - “Emerging from the Darkness”

A new Golden Age of the arts flowered in Spain in the late 20th Century as the troubled nation emerged from an horrific Civil War and the 4 decades long brutal dictatorship it had by then endured. Emerging from the Darkness exposes the sometimes tortured, sometimes joyous, Soul of Spain, the insightful poetry, stirring music, spectacular dance and the stunning paintings.

With the finest poetry, music, song and dance Emerging from the Darkness reveals the very Soul of Spain, the true essence of a nation, the searing heat and riotous colours, the joys and passions, the comedies and tragedies.

International Flamenco dance theatre company Cancion Gitana presents a dramatic dance theatre show, Emerging from the Darkness, created by noted Flamenco dancer and choreographer Helena “La Leyenda” (Sadlers Wells, BBC TV, Channel 4, etc) from a jointly developed concept by the legendary Flamenco dancer, singer and poetry specialist Rosario Serrano.

The 60 minute, one act, spectacular features an international company comprising principal dancer Helena “La Leyenda”, accomplished dancer Varina, the poetic and narration skills of Madrid’s Rosario Serrano (Ballet Rambert, Duende Flamenco Company, BBC TV, etc) the passionate Flamenco guitar of Tomas de Cordoba and an aural cameo with the ethereal voice of Flamenco singer Fernando Reyes.

In a 60 minute spectacle with many costume changes, dramatised poetry in Spanish and English – with surtitles – projections of many, many, iconic Spanish paintings and striking theatre lighting, Cancion Gitana create Flamenco dance theatre performances of a kind rarely seen on UK stages.

Please contact us for more info.


Reviews of Cancion Gitana UK shows –

Chichester Observer – “from cante jondo to cante chico they represent the full spectrum of emotions reflected in a history of tragedy and joy” “truly breathtaking

The Argus - “authentic Iberian flair” “a great performance” “elegant dance, flamboyant outfits and a fiery mood” “a feast for the eyes and ears

3 weeks – “a great performance” “the fine art of Flamenco dancing unveiled” “inspiring and enjoyable

Rye Arts Festival - "Thank you so much to all of the company for such an excellent show last night" "We look forward to another wonderful show next year"

Emporium Brighton - "A sell out audience and a hugely satisfied one" "A pleasure to work with such a professional company"

Rialto Theatre, Brighton - “ a sell out with a queue on the door.

Audience comments - "I have seen many flamenco shows but I never knew flamenco could be that deep” “A stunning experience” “Magical

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